orderbags.ru replica Louis Vuitton bags has gone and reminded us that one of the many internal changes it’s making is adding more high-priced exotic bags to its selection. The knock off designer Lady Bag PM, which made its public debut in the brand’s Fall 2013 runway show, will retail for a staggering $500.
which is a reliable source of intel on replica bags machinations, especially when it comes to handbags. The bag includes two finishes of croc and measures slightly over a foot wide at its largest point. There’s no word on how many of these bags will be made, but it’s likely to be an extremely limited piece. After all, only so many people can afford to buy knock off designer purses that costs more than 50 grand in the first place.
On top of that, the bag has a, uh, very specific aesthetic. Most replica bags in this price range are simply exotic recreations of designs that the buying public has already embraced with open arms, like the Givenchy Antigona or Fendi 2Jours, but this one is an untested bag shape from new creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere’s first collection for the brand.
The fake designer bag is easily more expensive than any of the other seasonal offerings we found online for Fall 2014, although I’d be shocked if it were made available via Vuitton’s website.All of Louis Vuitton’s new prices are ridiculous. A croc Birkin will cost around 55k yet the leather version costs 15k. If the leather version of this bag only retails for 5k then the croc version should be around 30/35k.Vuitton has great quality/service actually,all of the faux designers bags  are nuts with their prices though.. that I agree with .. the problem is, people will spend their last penny to buy high end .. so they keep going up, as everything else is going up.


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