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bagsky.ru is one of the most cheapest replicas websites.most of handbags are less than $33 and has a large collection of knock off designer handbag,wallets.I am very satisfied with my order from Bagsky.ru. They always keep in contact with me as to what was in or out of stock for my order. I ordered on June 26 and received my order on July1. The quality is there and well as fast service.

bagsky.ru just accept payment methods are Western Union and money gram .if you have not placed order before ,they always ask you just order a few items to test the quality.that is very good for new buyer. they only sends orders with USPS or DHL./the small order will send by usps ,it usually take 6-14 days to ship,big order will send by DHL ,it need 3-7 days .

The customer service of bagsky.ru just has email and live chat,it dont need to register or others ,just use the live chat or email contanct it ,you will get the price list and other infomation quickly,the website is nicely designed and incredibly easy to use.

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  1. Hi I was just wondering if you were satisfied with all of your products you purchased? I’m about to spend 200+ on an order and i just want to make sure i get all of the items, and that they are in pretty good condition!

    1. yes, but the products are not AAA grade .example most of AAA grade bags are more than $100,you can compare the price and quality

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